Objectives and Values ​​of the College

Objectives of Ibn Hayyan University College:-

  • The College seeks to excel in the academic and educational aspects through the preparation of effective educational programs for undergraduate students.
  • The College works on excellence from other colleges and universities by adopting research programs and contributing effectively to improving the health level through its outputs.
  • Providing a safe and stable university environment that contributes to the encouragement of faculty, students and staff at the College for research, creativity and lifelong development.
  • Dentists, pharmacists, nurses and analysts who possess information, professionalism, behavior and competencies are able to provide them with the ability to serve disease and appropriate health care.
  • Develop the spirit of excellence among faculty members, students and teamwork.
  • Community service through the preparation of qualified and effective human resources

Values ​​of Ibn Hayyan University College:-

  • Develop a sense of social and national responsibility.
  • Create a climate of respect, respect, respect for others and respect for others.
  • Work to promote credibility, integrity and integrity in work.
  • Develop the spirit of national belonging
  • Developing the spirit of continuous learning among faculty members and students.
  • Prepare graduates who are distinguished by sincerity, integrity, leadership and innovation.

  • Developing teamwork among faculty members and students.

  • Encouraging faculty members to conduct scientific research and publish research in scientific journals, and to arbitrate and classify them internationally.

  • Holding seminars and scientific conferences that contribute to the development of work