Legal Affairs Division

  • The Legal Division has limited tasks, duties and powers, and its aim is to provide legal protection to the College and to defend it before the courts when establishing claims, whether the college is a plaintiff or a defendant.
  • Representing the college before the courts and judicial bodies to guarantee the rights of the college and the achievement of justice among all the employees of the college.
  • One of its most important tasks and tasks is to answer all books on legal affairs Participate in all the investigative committees formed in the college and prepare their own records and submit them to the Deanship of the college or the ministry as well as participate in the student discipline committee formed in the college under the instructions of discipline students in institutions of higher education and scientific research
  • Also discuss the problems of students and supervise the application of instructions for the discipline of the College that the Legal Division is competent to implement the law and instructions within the College and then presented to the College Council for the purpose of approving the imposition of punishment
  • Organizing and approving all contracts signed by the college with the teaching staff and staff working in the college and with the entities and companies that establish the buildings for the college and the companies that equip the college with all means and educational devices and office supplies and what the college needs in its work and review the police stations and the competent courts in all cases By the College on third parties or by third-party lawsuits against the College and the consequent presence of the legal representative for the purpose of judicial record, and then follow up the case and the statement of legal opinion in all legal matters that The Deanship of the College by referring them to the Legal Division.