Dean of the College

Speech of the Dean of the Faculty of Ibn Hayyan University Peace, mercy and blessings of God On the occasion

of the start of the academic year 2018-2017, we are pleased to congratulate our students on starting their new academic year, hoping to do their best to be useful members of our new Iraq and to draw a smile on the patients’ lips. We also congratulate our new students on belonging to this scientific edifice built as this college with its integrated medical group, which is a pride of the holy treasures of Karbala . Represented by its teaching and administrative staff and its founding staff, and who are entrusted with security to protect it from the futility of the abusers and trainees, and to ensure the safety of female students in the internal departments. The College is also proud of the fact that it is comparable to the oldest local universities in terms of the integrated infrastructure of services, laboratories that are less like this, thanks to God and the efforts of workers day and night

May Allah have mercy on the martyrs of the great Iraq who gave their lives to enjoy a secure and stable Iraq. And the speedy recovery of the wounded of the country from the armed forces and the popular popular crowd. In the name of Allah, the faithful servants, and the more tender and peace be upon you and God’s mercy and blessings.

Prof. Majed Jassim Al-Najidi