Seven Foods That Maintain Dental Health Karama Mohammad Tayeb Al Nuaimi

1. Water
Water is the best way to extinguish thirst, which is the ideal choice for teeth, which helps to clean the mouth of food acids.

It is the best fresh vegetables for the teeth, because its fiber nature requires chewing, which causes an abundance of saliva where the fibers in it clean the teeth naturally.

3 – Cheese
Cheese contains low levels of sugar, acids and a high proportion of calcium making it a good choice for dental health.

4 – sugar-free chewing gum
Chewing chewing gum increases the secretion of saliva, which helps to balance acid in the mouth and helps to protect tooth enamel

Sugar-free gum is a good choice if you want to eat something sweet.

5- Sesame oil
Sesame seeds help to reduce the plaque and maintain the enamel of the teeth and there is a way to gargle with sesame oil and this skipped wide popularity.

6. The pear
Fresh fruits, such as bananas, apples, tangerines and pineapples, are a good choice for oral and dental hygiene, while their dried fruits have a reverse effect because their sugar content is high and attached to the teeth. Unsweetened fruit juices contribute to dental caries because they are acidic and contain high levels. relatively.

Despite the fact that fresh fruits are sweet and sour, they cause much less dental problems than dried fruits, because chewing them stimulates the secretion of saliva, which in turn reduces the acidity of the mouth and cleans the mouth of food particles.

7. Yogurt
Yogurt is a healthy protein that also contains calcium and phosphorus, which stimulates and helps teeth health.

There are 12 fruits similar to human body organs and each type of fruit similar to that of the body of the human body has a great benefit to the body

1- The islands resemble the iris of the human eye, especially when it is cut

2 – nut is like the human brain

3 – celery is similar to the pillars of the forearm in the human

4. Orange and grapefruit: looks like a human breast

5 – sweet potato: similar to the pancreas in humans

6 – Tomatoes: Similar to the heart in the human and when cutting them from the inside as rooms like the heart.

7 – Natural grape juice: looks like blood

Bananas: When the banana curvature is like a human smile

9 – Avocado: Similar to the uterus

10: Grapes: A cluster of grapes resembling the inside of the lungs

11 – Ginger roots: similar to the stomach in humans.

Mushrooms. Like the ear of a man.


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