Iraq was Yamakan for Prof. Dr. Karma Mohammad Taib Al Nuaimi

  • In 1937, the Kingdom of Jordan requested integration with Iraq because the Government of Jordan has no financial and financial resources to spend on the State and the people.
  • In 1939 Kuwait asked to join Iraq in order to benefit from its service institutions, safe drinking water and education and health system.
  • In 1952, the volume of debts owed by Britain amounted to 50 million dollars. At that time, the Iraqi Foreign Ministry summoned the British ambassador in Baghdad and reprimanded him.
  • The Iraqi government demanded that the British government pay the debts immediately.
  • In 1956, Iraq exported three million tons of wheat to Britain and Italy.
  • In 1959, President Gamal Abdel Nasser closed the Suez Canal in front of Iraqi ships carrying cargo to Europe in the context of pressure on the government of Abdul Karim Qasim.
  • In 1961, the number of legitimate and illegal foreign workers was 85 thousand compared to the population of Iraq at the time of 5 million. In 1961, three Kuwaitis were arrested in the city of Basrah for practicing begging in a humiliating manner and were deported immediately.
  • In 1964, the contribution of the private sector to national, industrial and agricultural production increased by 64%.
  • In 1967, Iraq quickly sent relief aid to the inhabitants of the Emirates Islands, including 4 million cubic meters of drinking water, 50,000 tons of flour, 27,000 tons of fine flour, 27,000 pieces of clothing and 50,000 tons of transit.
  • In 1968, Iraq exported 200 truckloads of 5 tons of production of Babel factories to the Arab Republic of Egypt as an aid after a setback in June.
  • In 1971, the number of Iraqi tourists in Europe and Lebanon was 70,000 compared to the population of 8 million.
  • In 1978 the level of per capita income in Iraq was 7 thousand dollars a year, the third in the world after the United States and Britain. Then the world government decided after the secrecy to put an end to Iraq and began …History of Iraq

    1921 Establishment of the Iraqi State.

    1936 Revolution of Bakr Sidqi.

    1941 Revolution led by Rashid al-Kilani.

    1956 The uprising of the neighborhood.

    1958 The coup against the monarchy.

    The Shawl Revolution.

    1963 Military coup (February 8 Movement).

    1964 coup against the Baath.

    1966-1967 Kurdish uprising.

    1967 setback June.

    1968 Baathist coup.
    1973 War of October (participated by the Iraqi army).

    1979 coup (Saddam’s arrival to power).

    1980-1988 The Iran War.

    1982-1984 Kurdish uprising.

    1990 Occupation of Kuwait.

    Desert Storm and the Shaaban and Kurdish Uprising.

    1993-2003 Economic siege, poverty of the Iraqi people and hunger.

    1993-1996 bloody war between the Kurdish parties.

    2004 – Continuous explosions do not stop against the people.

    The sectarian war.

    The crisis of sit-ins.

    2014-2017 War of gangs and advocates of terrorism.

    (All this less than 100 years .. God helps you, Iraq)

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