The Department of Human Medicine at Ibn Hayyan College reaches its completion stage to more than 90%

The Deanship of the Faculty of Ibn Hayyan University announced the arrival of proportions of completion of the Department of Human Medicine to more than 90%
“The Deanship has introduced the Department of Human Medicine for this year and now we are in the process of obtaining ministerial approvals and the technical staff has completed most of the services provided by the department to the students.”
In addition, the department contains the headquarters of the Deanship, a meeting room, reading rooms, registration rooms and classrooms with 200 students per room. The College also provides high quality and international medical services

Al-Da’ami pointed out that the College is seeking to open this section during this year and to receive students and open the registration.
He said that the period of completion of the department building is one year, and the college seeks to create an atmosphere commensurate with the evolution of the educational reality in the department of medicine within the country





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