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The toothpick or toothpick is a pebble extracted from the roots of a tree called Arak, which grows in the warm tropical desert regions and is widely used in the Arabian Peninsula, Africa, India and America.

It has a permanent odor and a burning taste derived from the mustard root derivatives found in it

The toothpaste is a substitute for brush and toothpaste at times. It contains a lot of disinfectant and sterilized substances. It also contains substances that hold bleeding blood and contains many substances that benefit the mouth and teeth and are not present in any type of toothpaste.

What is the method of using siwaak?

  1. The desired part is soaked in water for a short period of time to activate the substance that destroys the microbes and bacteria
  2. Set the piece to be used by cutting it with a sharp tool such as knives, preferably a length not exceeding one centimeter
  3. The tip of the toothpick hits until the outer shell drops off and the joint opens and becomes similar to the shape of the brush
    The part of the toothworm is periodically removed or lost.


What are the benefits of tooth whitening?
1 – helps to prevent teeth from decay where it contains fluoride

2 – reduces the pigments and stains that appear on the teeth because it contains chlorine

3 – increases the whiteness of the teeth because it contains silica

4 – Protects the teeth from the bacteria that lead to decay thanks to sulfur and alkaline existing

5 – accelerate the process of healing wounds and cracks of the gums, which contains the substance Altrimthyl Amin and vitamin C

6 – Enter in the composition of sodium bicarbonate, which is a key component in industrial toothpaste

Other benefits of toothpaste

1 – affects the digestive system in a positive way, especially the stomach, which facilitates the process of digestion

2 – easy to pronounce letters from the correct exits

3 – benefit diabetes where it prevents bleeding of the gums

4. Helps to avoid smoking and prevents phlegm

5 – purifies the mouth and prevents rotting and eliminate the bacteria contain mustard derivatives

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