Who are the Arab scientists in the field of dentistry and what is its role in the Renaissance in Europe. Prof. Dr. Karamah Mohammed Tayeb Al Nuaimi

  • Alzahawi world: – is the first dental surgeon in history describes in his book Discharge method of dislocation of teeth and is the author of the theory (another treatment of dislocation).

  • Ibn Sina: – In the writing of the law included in one of its chapters a text on the cleaning of pigments with salt and powder minutes of burning snakes shells

  • Abu Bakr al-Razi: – described in his book Al-Mansouri method of drilling teeth using a drill. Describe the fillings of teeth using gold and copper.

               What is the role of dentistry in the Renaissance in Europe

In this age, the profession of dentistry was limited to priests only. Later, the Babu decreed that any work involving bloodshed should not be practiced by the priest.
Hence the profession moved to barbers.
Pierre Farchard, the father of modern dentistry, is the author of The Surgeon Dentist and prevents anyone from practicing this profession until after the exam.

1844 using N2O gas as anesthetic. They then used cocaine and reached the first effective drug Novocain.
The development of metal fillings began, with the French using amalgam (mercury + metal), but it was found to have defects of expansion after hardening, leading to broken teeth.
A solution to this problem was found by Dr. G.V Black, who succeeded in finding the proper composition of the amalgam and explained the origins and rules of dental drills that are still in use today.

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