Final exams at Ibn Hayyan university College

On the morning of Tuesday, 22/5/2018, a number of examination rooms were opened at Ibn Hayyan College. The final exams for the students of the departments of dentistry and pharmacy and for all levels of study. The Deanship of Ibn Hayyan College has prepared the necessary arrangements to facilitate the performance of the students for the examinations and provided all the required requirements for them. Especially in such hot weather conditions. A number of visiting professors from the University of Karbala supervised the progress of examinations and performance monitoring in the pharmacy department, namely: Dr. Mazen Hamed Odeh and M. Shatha Hussein Kazem in Dr.M. Mitham Abdul Sada Al-Shablawi and Dr. Raed Hamed Hashim of Al-Hussein National College supervised the examinations of the Department of Dentistry.

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