Examinations and final exams at Ibn Hayyan College

A number of students from Ibn Hayyan University in the holy city of Karbala expressed their great satisfaction with the level of services and procedures provided by the Dean of the College to their students during the performance of the final exams for the current academic year 2018. The student Ali Abbas Hussein (Department of Pharmacy Phase I) said that the Deanship provided the special requirements for examinations and And the level of exam questions is very good, while student Reham Karim (Department of Dentistry stage 5) that the examination atmosphere in general good and it provided what you can provide for the Success despite some paragraphs of the questions, which I see personally difficult type As for the other examination atmosphere, which took into account the psychological situation of the student, especially in these hot weather conditions, the Deanship of the Faculty provided the means of cooling for all the halls
It is worth mentioning that the students of Ibn Hayyan University in the holy province of Karbala have started three days ago to carry out the final examinations for the current academic year 2018 Pharmacy students have led the first phase of the final exams and fifth examination of patience while the students of the analysis of the first and second and fourth exams final exam

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