Committees of the self-protection teams at Ibn Hayyan College

Issued Deanship of the Faculty of Ibn Hayyan University order for the formation of committees self-protection teams and by 5% for each band of the total found in the college and holds it up number 66 was issued on 05.28.2018 and the difference is the fire brigade, headed by Dr. Hassan Mohammed Abdullah and the membership of Murtaza Adnan Thamer and Abdul Hadi Mahesh. As chaired by Dr. Mary Hamidi Daami band rescue and evacuation and the membership of KFA Ghassan Mohammed Tarek Nour Hussein Allawi The band ambulance Vttrosha Dr. Faten Abdel Amir Mohammed and the membership of KFA Zahraa Adel Khudair and KFA Ghassan Adnan Hashim while Khaled presided over Abdali Mohsen Commission to maintain security and order and membership of Hassanein Hamza and Rashid Saud Hashem The other committees formed in this matter are the administrative committee warning and communications headed by Dr. Salim Taher Mohsin and the membership of. Nour Saheb Mohammed and Raed Said Abdul Saleh.
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