Faculty of Ibn Hayyan University to deposit its students graduates

Ibn Hayyan Hall witnessed a farewell ceremony for a new batch of graduate students in the pharmacy department and in a parental initiative by Dr. Firas Aziz Rahi, head of the pharmacy department at Ibn Hayyan College. The celebration was attended by a number of distinguished professors from the faculty’s dean. Through which some parental guidance was given by the sponsor of the celebration, which was presented by the congratulations and congratulations of the graduate students and addressed them to the Almighty with success, success and glamor in their work, as well as expressions of gratitude to them for their efforts, perseverance and devotion during the years of the father As a result, a number of graduate students expressed their deep thanks and gratitude for the blessed efforts made by Dr. Firas Aziz Rahi, head of the pharmacy department at Ibn Hayyan University, and his continuous follow-up to the students and their overcoming of the problems and obstacles encountered during their studies. At the same time, the wonderful atmosphere set up by the Deanship of the College for students in all fields and stages.
Dr. Firas Aziz Rahi, Pharmacy Officer, hosted a luncheon in honor of the graduating students. A number of photographs of the students of the department were also taken with the professors in the faculty’s deanship and teaching staff

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