The participation of the Faculty of Ibn Hayyan University in the first Central Conference, which was established by the Association of academics

The Faculty of Ibn Hayyan University participated in the first Central Conference held by the Iraqi Academy of Academics in the colleges and institutes of government and civil, which was held at the University of Karbala, such as the College A.D Abdel-Majid Hussein Al-Saffar representative of the Iraqi Academy of Engineers in the province of Karbala. Paragraphs and important materials for the work of the work of the union and open the door of dialogue and discussion and inquiry before the participants and to see the most important communications initiated by the union and considered the first point of starting work in the boards of colleges and institutes in which the work of In accordance with the approved union system, some of them have been put forward by a. M . D. Naseer Mirza Hamza Secretary of the Council of the Academic Syndicate of the holy branch of Karbala

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